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birthday resolutions

i was actually really excited to get back on the gluten free track today, and if you know me, that is really weird and not like me. at all. wetzel's pretzels and mrs. field's cookie cups are my two favorite foods.

but this past birthday i've made some diet/life changes. 

i have been drinking two liters of water every day, i gave up diet coke (except at restaurants), and have been trying to lean more vegan. the gluten free thing was a month trial, and since i can actually feel the difference between the last month and this past week of bringing gluten back, i'm getting rid of it for good. 

i bought myself la mer, purely because it's the undisputed king of moisturizers, but aside from that i've swapped to all natural makeup. between bare escentuals, burt's bees, rms beauty and andalou naturals i'm covered and know everything is cruelty free and no animals were hurt. i promise you rms beauty's raw coconut cream will change your life (it naturally takes off all your makeup and moisturizes at the same time and i'm lazy so i love that). it's amazing. and cheap. and they sell andalou at whole foods!

also, because jeff hates sleeping with the tv on and i cannot sleep without some noise, i'm now going to sleep to relaxation meditations (my favorite is meditation station's "zzzz" podcast). it's not as entertaining as the office reruns, but it's a compromise. and promises deeper sleep. and a happier fiancé.

so if you need any gluten free tips/tricks/goodies i am now officially your (sleeping easy/well-rested) girl.