los angeles. pisces. pinterest. this exists because i needed a photo outlet so i don't spam on instagram.


sprung spring

Morning perk- kombucha or mamma chias

Every day makeup- la mer every night and bare escentuals in the morning

Spring fetish- crop tops. can't have enough

Guilty pleasure- i'm probably the only one watching real world portland but jeff and i are addicted. and bachelorette starting next monday

Next purchase- a car!

Game time- um candy crush on my phone. it's embarrassing.

Signature scent- just switched to jo malone white jasmine & mint

Just saw- the great gatsby last week and i need to see it about 4 more times.

New hobby- my most recent hobby has been planning our engagement shoot but that's now a wrap. need a new hobby.

Dream vacation- i'm missing vancouver and jeff's cabin