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indian summer

Morning perk- good belly shots or kombucha ... just progressively becoming more and more of a hippie

Every day makeup- bare escentuals, eyeliner, blush and mascara // la mer at night

Summer fetish- i just bought the best fan in the world. this is the hardest part of the year to have no ac in brentwood. also stopping on montana for di dio ice on the way home from work (blood orange + coconut)

Guilty pleasure- BIG BROTHER. 

Next purchase- really nice boots.

Game time- candy crush and flow free on my phone.

Signature scent- this is embarrassing but i was really feeling nostalgic and bought ralph by ralph lauren because it reminded me of sneaking out and going to parties in high school (the like three times i did that) and i just felt like wearing it again

Just saw- the finale of pretty little liars (!!!)

New hobby- really really trying to figure out what day we are getting married

Dream vacation- paris. paris. paris.

picture source: pinterest