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n i c o l e

this is nicole.

nicole is cool. she is the definition of chill, she radiates good, calm energy (the best trait), she's my favorite person on pinterest and when we shop together we usually end up buying all the same things. she's also cool because she's dating my brother.

here are some nicole facts:

favorite place in the world: disneyland in anaheim, california

greatest thing you've ever learned: the secret

favorite fictional character: tiffany from silver linings playbook

grocery store you shop at most: sprouts

guiltiest pleasure: one direction

one thing you wish you could tell everyone in the world: i hate you all (kind of a joke)

movie you will always watch on cable: 13 going on 30

favorite tumblr: eleven-nine.tumblr.com 

celebrity doppleganger: jennifer lawrence

favorite smell: indigo waters (my perfume)

favorite instagram to follow: free people

life idol: miranda kerr

one outfit you could live in forever:


best show on television: breaking bad

dream job: wedding planner

favorite blogger: megan riley lopez

most romantic song ever: fly me to the moon by frank sinatra

best break up song ever: hopefully i never find out

favorite beverage: diet coke

weirdest habit: being awkward

your instagram with the most likes ever: me + mason

favorite thing to do on a sunday: pinterest + tumblr

one thing you wholeheartedly believe: positive thoughts change everything

song you've had on repeat lately: royals by lorde

favorite age so far: 18

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