los angeles. pisces. pinterest. this exists because i needed a photo outlet so i don't spam on instagram.



Morning perk- green tea or kombucha with chia

Every day makeup- i read garnier bb cream is supposed to be the greatest and it's pretty good so far. i need something cheap for the day to balance out my expensive night habit (la mer).

Fall fetish- peppermint hot chocolate. buying sweaters everywhere i go (8 in the last week it's getting really bad). finding new brunch places. ordering greyhounds when i go out (not fall-ish but a new thing nonetheless).

Guilty pleasure- REIGN. i'm obsessed. i also have been getting sucked into modern family marathons now that it's in syndication. also lush bath bombs are generally one of my new favorite things.

Next purchase- christmas presents for everyone. i make jeff an advent calendar and i need 25 presents for it and i'm really slacking.

Game time- i wish i could say i was over candy crush but i'm not.

Signature scent- alternating flowerbomb and ralph.

Just saw- real housewives of beverly hills and vanderpump rules. me and jeff live for monday nights. i wish that was a joke.

New hobby- wedding planning. which no one tells you is really NOT fun at all.

Dream vacation- paris.

*picture of my favorite dog in the universe gucci (sorry montana) courtesy of my mom who texted it to me this morning.