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i spotted montana's long lost relative on the east valley shelter site the day before the 4th of july. this is the same shelter we rescued montana from, and rescue groups had been posting about how they were at maximum capacity. an overflowing shelter means innocent and perfectly healthy, adoptable dogs are killed to make space.

top: montana, bottom: montana's long lost relative

i knew i had to meet montana's doppelgänger in person, and once there i found out she was on medical hold (which meant the public couldn't see her and she was in a cage in the back). she had a limp and a severe heart murmur, so she was being overlooked. rescue groups and adopters didn't want to take her on because her issues would be pretty expensive. 

i thought about it all weekend, and we eventually decided we had to save her. i figure people spend thousands of dollars to buy purebred dogs. this little one may have some expensive health bills, but we were really her only hope. no one wanted her and she was heading for the red list, which in crowded la shelters means death. 

so i busted her out. i was rewarded with nonstop kisses. 

and an expensive first trip to the vet. (her limp turned out to be a broken leg)

but she's fitting in perfectly and after a few days of grumbling montana has decided she's not so bad. 

her name is clancy and even though she's sort of a monster we're pretty much in love.