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please go away summer

Morning perk- warm water, lemon & cayenne pepper

Every day makeup- bare escentuals 

Summer fetish- sweet rose ice cream in brentwood, didio's italian ice on montana

Guilty pleasure- brandy melville vodi shorts, big brother (obsessed), modern family reruns (i can't stop), real housewives of oc (i love shannon), buying pumpkin scented candles too early

Next purchase- a pure chocolate with almond milk from coffee bean

Game time- 2048 all the time

Signature scent- ralph by ralph lauren and flowerbomb in rotation

Just saw- couples therapy ... this season is so good but am i the only person that watches this? i think so

New hobby- job hunting, living the life of leisure (aka alternating between wandering around target and marshalls and whole foods and hanging out with my dogs all day)

Dream vacation- when palm springs cools down i'm there

i would really like summer to go away i am ready to wear sweaters and boots.