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la fall

^ balcony view from our gloomiest november day so far

Morning perk- peppermint tea

Fall fetish- over the knee boots and so stoked to wear leggings again. also jeff and i are hooked on serial.

Guilty pleasure- currently re-obsessed with gossip girl, i just finished watching it all over again. also obsessed with one direction. also really into vine again. so basically i'm 12. and i can't wait to eat enormous amounts of pie tomorrow at thanksgiving.

Next purchase- christmas presents for everyone

Game time- since i got an iphone 6 and had to start over, candy crush

Signature scent- ralph by ralph lauren and flowerbomb in rotation

Just saw- i may or may not be watching all the thanksgiving gossip girl episodes right now

New hobby- being unemployed (funemployed?), going to meditation class

Dream vacation- europe.